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"Mind the Gap, Prime Minister" - Kingston law student meets David Cameron on the London underground

Friday 23 March 2012

Travelling on the London Underground is, for some, just another part of daily life. It’s never a particularly exciting time, spent as it is perusing the pages of whatever free newspaper happens to have been abandoned nearby. For first year student, Shingirai Kaserera, however, ‘just another trip on the tube’ in October 2011 was transformed into something more exciting by him sharing his carriage with the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Shingirai chatted with the Prime Minister and made such a good impression that he was given permission, later, to send to Mr Cameron a list of questions posed by a number of Kingston Law School staff and students. The questions compiled touched on a range of important issues  – the phone hacking scandal, Libya and the financial crisis, to name just a few. After a few months, Shingirai received a response – a letter from David Cameron himself responding to each of the issues raised in the questions. View Shingirai’s letter and the Prime Minister’s response.

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