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Research seminars

Kingston Law School research seminars

Kingston Law School research seminars enable the School’s academic staff to exchange ideas and research findings, to test research papers and receive helpful feedback, and to give us the opportunity to hear from guest speakers. All seminars take place from 1.00pm – 1.50pm in room KHKH 0015, formerly known as room 9, Kenry House, Kingston Hill, on Tuesdays. Attendees from outside the University are welcome. Lunch is not provided; please bring your own lunch with you if you wish to.

Current seminars

Spring/Summer 2016

April 12 
A contemporary and comparative review of the relationship between the global financial crisis, financial crime and white collar criminals in the US and the UK
Speaker: Professor Nic Ryder, UWE


All seminars are open to the public.
For more information click on the title of each seminar or contacProfessor Penny Darbyshire.

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Past Seminars

Spring 2016

  • How to develop a research impact story in law: an exemplar
    Speaker: Professor Umut Turksen, KLS
  • The Economics of Crime: Theories and Methods
    Speaker: Professor George Saridakis, KBS
  • The Principle of Solidarity in EU’s Energy Relations with Russia: A far-fetched reality?
    Speaker: Professor Umut Turksen, KLS
  • EU sanctions in law and practice
    Speaker: Mrs Maya Lester, barrister, Brick Court Chambers, London
  • Medical conditions and mental condition defences
    Speaker: Dr John Rumbold, KLS

Autumn/Winter 2015

  • Strict liability for water pollution: in whose interest?  
    Speaker: Julie Adshead, KLS
  • The strange case of the “SUNFLOWER E” A tale of abandoned Indonesian seafarers
    Speaker: Professor Michael Wynn, KLS
  • Corporate finance: not just about greed
    Speaker: Dr John Tribe and Professor Giampiero Favato, KLS and KBS
  • From the Negativisation of Crime Prevention to the Globalisation of Criminal Justice. A (Brief) Call to Action
    Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli, KLS
  • Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: A Forced Marriage and its Effect on Financial Exclusion
    Speaker: Dr Gauri Sinha, KLS

Spring/Summer 2015

  • Legitimate protest and section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986
  • Speaker: Dr Phill Harris
  • Doing a literature search
  • Speaker: Mr Chris Manning
  • Marine Pollution The legacy of Erika and Prestige
  • Speaker: Julie Adshead, Associate Professor, Kingston Law School
  • Governance from below: Avoiding the resource curse in Uganda
  • Speaker: Mr Graeme Broadbent, Kingston Law School

Autumn/Winter 2014

  • What are the barriers to research within profession- and practice-based disciplines?
    Dr Alison Baverstock, Journalism and Publishing, KU
  • The Antinomy of Legality and Legitimacy in the New Tunisian Constitution
    Dr Hager Weslati, Media and Communication, KU
  • Pitfalls of communicating online
    Dr Lisa Collingwood, Kingston Law School
  • Rent Seeking Opportunities and Economic Growth in Transitional Economies
    Professor Vince Daly, School of Economics, History & Politics
  • Applying International Law in the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Era of Normative Relativity
    Rupert Dunbar, Kingston Law School


Spring/Summer 2014

  • Gwyneth Pitt - Civil Disobedience and the Law
  • Hager Weslati, Media and Communication, KU - Aristocratic equality/ bourgeois equivalence: the question of equity in the phenomenology of right
  • Sharon Young, KU research student in politics, HR and IR - Where is the right in assisted suicide?

Autumn/Winter 2013

  • Dr Alison Baverstock - What are the barriers to research within profession- and practice-based disciplines?
  • Dr Sam Raphael - Outside the law: investigating rendition and secret detention in the war on terror?
  • Graeme Broadbent - Is the law on possession of offensive weapons a lost cause?
  • Professor Penny Cooper - The pre-recorded cross- examination pilot – the story so far
  • Peter Orji - Succession in secure joint tenancy – a rubric on thanatology
  • Philip Lomas - Research funding discussion
  • Brian Tobin - Same-Sex Couples and Assisted Reproduction: Proposals for the Republic of Ireland
  • Professor Penny Darbyshire - Case management in ten Crown Courts – are the Criminal Procedure Rules a wish-list?
  • Dr Nicola Rees - The development of dignity as a legal test: the message to providers of private elder care
  • Dr Nadia Kalogeropoulou - Addressing the pension challenge: how can the EU Respond?
  • Dr Dorothy Kwagala-Igaga - Taxpayers’ rights and tax administration in Uganda


Spring / Summer 2013

  • Dr Brycchan Carey - An Act to prevent the importation of Negroes and Indian slaves: How serious were the Pennsylvania Assembly about banning the slave trade in 1711?
  • Muna Sabbagh - Neuro science and young offenders
  • Dr. Andy Higginbottom - The Ruggie framework for corporate social responsibility: critique and case study
  • Dr Vincenzo Bavoso - The corporate law dilemma and the enlightened sovereign control paradigm: in search of a new legal framework
  • Professor Gwyneth Pitt - Religion or belief revisited
  • Amy Croft - Legislating the dog-fight of opinion
    Graeme Broadbent - Swearing and Section 5
  • Siri Harris - The effect of state regulation on the liability of undertakings under Articles 101 and 102 TFEU

Spring / Summer 2012

  • Nadia Kalogeropoulou - Safeguarding supplementary pension rights
  • Eric Jeanpierre - Somaliland: the state that isn't
  • Penny Cooper - Witness evidence and the advocate’s gateway
  • Phil Harris - On Political Opinion as a Convention Reason
  • Fatima M. Felisberti - Face recognition in scenarios of social exchange is affected by contextual information and ageing
  • Gavin Leigh - Moral Responsibility and Criminal Liability for Unforeseen Death
  • Gwyneth Pitt - Construction of contracts: an employment law perspective
  • Vincenzo Bavoso - Fiduciary duties and financial products
  • Wangwei Lin - Reforming Takeover Defence Regulation in China
  • John Tribe - Bankrupt parliamentarians
  • Dorothy Kwagala-Igaga - Taxation and governance
  • Amy Croft - Dangerous dogs
  • Stephen Turner - Human Rights and the Environment

Autumn 2011

  • Lena Beniksen Tromso University, Norway - Children and the law – a comparative analysis
  • Susan Watson - Un/protected sex in the High Court or in/capacity to consent to sexual relations
  • Michael Wynn - Busting the bases: resisting trade union recognition in the airline industry
  • Lucy Barnes - Laughing all the way to the Bank(sy): the commoditisation of transgression
  • Mark Saunders - Bolting the stable door - privacy, copyright and new technologies
  • John Stanton and Ashley Bowes Research Fellow, International Law Centre, University of Surrey - The Localism Bill: The Coalition's empowerment of local communities
  • Raymond Youngs - The Fixed Term Parliaments Act and the government that loses confidence in itself

Spring 2011

  • Matt Howard - The feminist problem with societal recognition
  • Nadia Kalogeropoulou - The impact of climate change on supplementary pension rights of EU migrant workers
  • Clare Williams - An economic sociology of law - implications for law and development
  • John Stanton - New deal for communities: participation in sustainable development
  • David Gregory - Legal aspects of the constitutional crisis of 1553

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