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Study Abroad

Students abroadIf you choose to study as an undergraduate at Kingston Law School, you will be given the opportunity to study abroad among a large choice of destinations at one of our partner institutions in Europe as well as in the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Australia throughout your degree.

Kingston Law School has been engaged in study exchange programmes for nearly two decades. Law students may benefit from two types of exchange programmes: studying in a European university as part of the Erasmus programme or in a non-EU English speaking country.

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Why study abroad?

Studying abroad in the third year provides the opportunity to:

  • study in English in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, The United States or Canada
  • study in a world-class university (some of the possible destinations are in the world’s top 100)
  • study in one or two different universities
  • obtain a study grant (approx. £2000) if studying in Europe.
  • further academic expertise
  • increase employability.

Find us on Facebook "KU Erasmus and Study Exchanges at the Law School"

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Benefits of the year abroad

  • Learning a new language or improving your existing language skills
  • Learning a new legal system
  • Making your profile more attractive to future employers. In the current economical climate this is an essential bonus
  • Gaining an additional diploma / certificate / degree
  • It constitutes a life experience as well as a new study experience.

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The Erasmus programme – studying in Europe

The Law School has been able to create and further develop historical links with some of the best universities in Europe while at the same time developing new ones with strategic partners. As part of these agreements, the Law School sends out students on study exchange programmes to these institutions and welcomes some of their students in exchange.

All undergraduate law students are eligible to study abroad after the second year. Students can choose one destination for an entire year or two destinations for one semester each.

A prior knowledge of a foreign language is not a pre-requisite to studying abroad as all of the Law School’s partner institutions, except for the French ones, deliver courses in English as well as in the local language.

Under the Erasmus exchange programme, students are exempt from having to pay any university fees and receive a study grant (of approx. £2000) for studying ten months abroad.

For further information about the Erasmus programme, visit the Kingston University European and Study Abroad Office website or find us on Facebook "KU Erasmus and Study Exchanges at the Law School"

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European possible destinations (part of the Erasmus Programme)

All of our European agreements enable students to go and study abroad as part of the Erasmus programme.

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Studying abroad worldwide

All law students are eligible to study abroad worldwide after the second year. Students can choose one destination for an entire year or two destinations for one semester each.

In order to study abroad outside of the European Union, students are expected to pay a reduced fees compared to the ones that they would pay at Kingston University.

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Student experiences

"Erasmus changed my life"
- Jean-Noël Ezingeard, former Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law at Kingston University. Read more about the dean's experience in the Independent newspaper

"I can safely say that opting to study Law with a year abroad at Kingston University was one of the best decisions I ever made. At school, I was certain that a straight law degree would suffice. However, and with the benefit of hindsight, choosing to study abroad has been a blessing. You may ask why? And the simple answer for me is opportunity."
- Andrew Bayles, studying as an exchange student at Lyon III University. Read more about Andrew's experience.

"My whole year wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for the amazing people whom I met and made friends with, and I think the interaction between the international students themselves and the local community in the host country is the very essence of the Erasmus experience."- Joanna Brewka, Erasmus experience in Germany and Belgium. Read more about Joanna's experience

"The Erasmus year exceeded my expectations and I was exposed to a constant cultural exchange with other students and the law school faculty."
- Clemens Kueppers, Erasmus experience in Sweden. Read more about Clemens' experience.

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Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the possibility of studying abroad, please contact:

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